"Let us take the worry out of planning, developing, sustaining and navigating new and innovative technologies."

Who We Are

At Resolute 360, we are obsessed with technology. Technology fuels our passion and commitment to helping organizations do what they set out to. We help to galvanize your performance. We believe that technology can greatly enhance customer service, boost sales, and streamline all business practices.

Our focus is now to help healthcare entities achieve their Service line Goals by helping them build those service lines to maximize patient care, efficiency in delivering that care, and increase ROI. While we work with all healthcare entities, we specialize in rural health development and utilize all of our developed technology and telehealth to help those healthcare entities. We also have partnerships with recruiting firms, data analytics, and EMR platforms to enable us to give the full 360 experience to the clients we work with.


What We Do



Data Analytics
Application Innovation
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Customer Experience Design


Remote Patient Monitoring
Software-Building Platform


Application Innovation

We build custom applications using existing and emerging technologies that work well with any software portfolio to meet specific business requirements.

Prepackaged business applications from leading global product vendors provide best-in-class business processes. This facilitates cutting-edge technologies to evolve a comprehensive IT landscape for your enterprise.

Enterprises need technology expertise backed by deep industry knowledge to successfully execute business agendas with robust IT strategy initiatives.

We can assist your transformation initiatives through Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management and Application Management Services.

Our strategic partnerships with all major enterprise software vendors help us recommend the best fit for your organization.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Accelerate your business infrastructure and agility with AI expertise, technical services, and machine learning capabilities.

With our expert AI developers and platforms we have a full suite of AI/ML services to develop, deploy, and manage AI-enabled solutions. We can help you leverage AI/ ML algorithms to cater your business needs. Give your web and mobile solutions the capability to learn, improve, and adapt over time.

AI/ ML algorithms will help you process unutilized or non-utilized data, identifying the trends, which would not be apparent to a human being - and then make decisions to meet specific objectives. The competitive advantage of machine learning holds the key to boost the business in attaining new heights.


Accelerate Digital Transformation

With the changing digital technology, businesses are changing the way they operate. Digital Transformation Consulting is a service that brings the power of a design-led approach to digital process simplification.

Digital consulting is all about incorporating the emerging technologies to improve the experience design, customer experience and marketing transformation. The digital transformation consulting services analyze the organizations’ requirements, existing resources and their ability to scale to recommend the right digital processes and the experience transformation guideposts that help them to effectively use the digital technology, tools and platforms.

We aim to empower businesses by offering best-in-class consulting services that enhance their experience of digital transformation.

Customer Experience Design

We leverage a human-centered design process to uncover deep insights about your users, organization and desired technology. Then, we use that information to build products that meet and exceed your users' expectations.

Our designers, strategists and user experience experts deliver the human element to digital, helping to build lasting human connections.

We help customers reimagine their approach to relationship-building by developing a strategic roadmap, activating a brand-led client experience and bringing it all together through technology.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Cutting Edge Telehealth

That bring patients and practitioners together into the virtual world of medicine.

Electronic Medical Records (ERM)

A seamless integration of medical records for patients accessible to practitioners and providers. (HIPPA compliant)

Patient, Provider, Consultant Content

Education, Evaluation, Decision-making, Treatment, ePrescriptions, and Direct Supplementation are just some of the many services available when technology and medicine unite.

Whatever the need, we can custom-tailor the technology to suit your needs!

Full Circle

The 360 Journey

We began over a decade ago, even before online remote-site operations were popular, because we saw its potential.

Our protocol has been streamlined to deliver a seamless process that takes you through the journey of building upon the initial goals and needs of your company from beginning to end - giving you a complete product that integrates your company into a cohesive and harmonious operation.

In the end, with a final product, you are redefined with a well-rounded, more efficient organization - with the feel of the same great company you began with.


Tech is imperative to a provider’s practice. Simplifying technology leaves you able to focus on clients and NOT the minutia of care.

We can integrate your practice into a system that can grow with your company as it takes its first steps into the digital age.

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If finding new ways to regulate symptoms and maximize patient outcomes sounds like something you might be interested in, get in touch! We are happy to offer further details about any questions or concerns you might have.

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